Download files

Name Type Size Short description
InterBilling v 4.0 SQL (укр/рос) 4.63 MB PBX billing system (Ukrainian / Russian optional interface) detailed information. Requires MS SQL Server 7.0 or higher installed (see SQL Server installation guide for Billing System
InterBilling v3.1.3 (eng) 14.2 MB PBX billing system (English interface) detailed information
InterBilling v3.1 (Tree) 6.6 MB PBX billing system (build 06.05.2000) detailed information
InterBilling Manual 1.1 MB PBX Billing documentation (HTML-format, ZIP)
InterOffice v5.2 15 MB Office automation system detailed information
Institute v1.0 7.2 MB Management system of educational process Institute detailed information
MLMarket v3.0 empty 4.6 MB Multilevel Marketing Distribution System (orders, stock handling, salary and benefit calculation) detailed information 588 K Standard database administration utility detailed information 153 K Setup program for installation multyport serial cards for Windows NT
InterDesign v1.0 empty 460 K Component library for Delphi 3.0 (DBTreeView, TrayIcon, DBPicker, DBPickFilter, DBFilterSpin, DBFilterComboBox, DBFilterEdit, DBFilterCheckBox, DBSearchEdit) more information
InterReports Viewer 0.94 MB On-Line download and/or installation from the Web of InterReport Viewer detailed information