Top 10 Reasons to buy InterBilling

  1. Full automatic scheduled bills preparation (with no user intervation)
  2. Automatic export and import of CDR information, operator interexchange, payments
  3. Automatic scheduled sending of call details reports by e-mail to clients
  4. Automatic currency rate determination
  5. On-line tarrification and re-tarrification
  6. Powerful messaging system. Notification about erroneous user actions, new or undetermined station numbers appearing, operation results notification, monitoring the health status of Hard Disk Drives (HDD) for preventing data loss and predicting possible drive fail
  7. Ability to redirect notification messages to mobile phone or pager
  8. Unlimited Rating, Services and Discount Models
  9. Built-in powerful Report Engine (InterReport)
  10. Integration with other software products from Interactive Systems, Ltd.

Features and Specifications


Comprehensive PBX Call Management and Billing System specially designed for telephony operator companies and includes three separate modules: Call Collector, Trunk Group Traffic Analyzer and Billing

Call Collector (Jerelo)

Call Collector - serve for call data collection and supports wide range of different PBX equipment in the same network.

Запис даних в базу - необмежена кількість (версія 4.0 SQL та вище)

  • supports real-time (IMMEDIATE) and by request (REPORT) recording
  • importing call records from text files and other sources
  • backup and restoring tools
  • built-in notification then during some long period of time were was no data come from PBX
  • customization COM-port parameters and transmission speed, TCP/IP communication parameters
  • call tracking both in terminal window and in database
  • visual and optional sound notification during call receiving and recording
  • client-server
  • multi-user
  • multiple security level


Billing - performs call analysis, authentication, tariffication, billing, payments tracking, report generation.

  • multiple level (tree-like) customers database structure with up-to-down inheritable properties (subscriber payees, services, tariffs, required reports etc.)
  • multiple level (tree-like) zones database structure, such as unknown, local (divided by incoming and outgoing), national, international etc., with up-to-down inheritable properties (tariff rates)
  • multiple Carriers and Tariff rates
  • on-line/off-line customer calls processing (authentication and tariffication)
  • multiple currency support
  • currency rates database
  • automatic importing call records from Call Collector for Billing analysis
  • call records data analysis with disclosure outgoing calls with unknown destination or appearing new customer phone numbers
  • treatment of incoming, internal, transferred, multi portion and abandoned calls
  • automatic billing with registering bills in database
  • supports fully automatic scheduled billing and reporting for each customer
  • optional "interactive tariffication" mode (for real-time client financial balance tracking)
  • various detailed reports with cost and traffic analysis (on customer demand)
  • built-in custom report generator
  • unique report format with multiple format export ability (html, text, csv, tab delimited, jpeg)
  • client payments tracking
  • optional notification about critical value of customer balance (in on-line processing)
  • reliable messaging system reduce erroneous user actions
  • client-server
  • multi-user
  • multiple security level


  • Harris 20-20 (Harris Corp.)
  • Coral (Tadiran)
  • Meridian (Nortel)
  • Hicom 100 - 350E (Siemens)
  • KX-TD1232 (Panasonic)
  • AXE-10 (Ericsson)
  • Business Phone 250 (Ericsson)
  • Tenor VoIP MultiPath Switch (Quintum Technologies, Inc.)

We are ready to co-operate with any PBX producers to make billing software adapted for their stations (see international co-operation section)

Technical Requirements

Supported Operation Systems:

  • Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 (recommended)

Робочі місця:

  • Windows 95/98/ME (not recommended)


  • Minimal configuration - PENTIUM 200 MMX/ 64 RAM/ HDD 4 GB (configuration for normal operation with maximal traffic about 100 000 CDRs/month)
  • Tested configuration - PENTIUM II 350/ 512 RAM/ HDD 120 GB (configuration for normal operation with maximal traffic about 20 000 000 CDRs/month)