Cartridge refilling and restoration

We make and repair cartridges on professional equipment. A number of our specialists have undergone a training course in restoration technology within the walls of the famous Swiss company FARBAX AG. This allows us to perform high quality work at each stage of production, to pre-test the cartridges for further suitability for refilling. The use and selection of recycled cartridges for quality materials allows us to achieve the quality of printing refurbished cartridges at the level of original products.We can offer you refilling and recycling of cartridges for both monochrome and color printers, copiers, faxes of such famous brands as - HP, CANON, XEROX, Samsung. All work is carried out with the use of consumables of the following manufacturers: AQC (USA), STATIC CONTROL (USA), KATUN (USA), FUJI (Japan), MITSUBISHI (Japan), PATRON (USA).

Процедура заправлення картриджа складається з:

  • disassembly of the cartridge;
  • cleaning;
  • refilling toner by factory weight;
  • assemblies;
  • testing.

The cartridge recovery procedure consists of:

  • disassembly of the cartridge - removal of the drum, squeegee, other parts;
  • cleaning with a special vacuum cleaner of all cartridge bins;
  • replacement of basic wear parts: drum, squeegee, etc .;
  • refilling toner;
  • assemblies;
  • testing.

Most of the cartridges listed in pricelist, tested. The print quality of the cartridges refilled or refurbished in our company is confirmed by over 200 customers in Kyiv and Kyiv region.


Any copier (photocopier), printer, fax, multifunction device is a complex device that includes mechanical parts (shafts, gears, belts, rollers, etc.), electronic circuit boards, lamps, optical image transmission system (scanner, lens, etc.). To maintain their normal operation, scheduled maintenance with replacement of wear parts is required.

What gives the contract for scheduled preventive maintenance:

  • increases the service life of individual parts, resulting in an increase in the life of the entire machine;
  • reduces the cost of toner and consequently the cost of copying; saves money, allows (through ongoing diagnostics) to plan expenses;
  • Your machine is under constant professional care; After paying for maintenance, you can call a service engineer for free.

Our company offers regular service (prophylactic work), which includes:

  • monthly preventive maintenance of the device (cleaning of optics, knots of a paper feed, the hopper of fulfilling;
  • setting the machine in the following modes: energy saving, toner saving, image density;
  • unplanned trips in the presence of problems arising during the operation of the device;
  • free consultations of the Customer.

The amount of the contract depends on the condition of the machine, the number of copies on the counter, the frequency and volume of work performed (contact the company managers).

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We will provide the specifications of the works and the cost of routine maintenance of your equipment directly upon your request.

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