Maintenance services for information technology

  • Maintenance of software
  • Software Updates
  • Restarting services and applications of software in case of unforeseen failures
  • Develop backup and recovery plans
  • Repair and maintenance services of computers, laptops, tablets, peripherals and computer networks
  • Cartridge refilling and restoration services

When considering different types of IT services, there are two aspects to consider:

Maintenance includes both computer hardware and software. Both are very important and will have a decisive impact on the operation of the system.
Different types of service can work simultaneously. In the case of corrective maintenance, it will act if predictive maintenance or preventive maintenance is not able to anticipate the problem.

Our approach to maintenance

Predictive maintenance

This is a type of maintenance performed by diagnostic tools to anticipate possible failures and try to avoid them before they occur.

One of the most important ways to perform this type of maintenance is to monitor computer systems. Thus, one or more operators control the proper functioning of equipment and systems, using tools such as monitoring software to control all different types of variables, such as CPU temperature, battery level, or more.

Preventive maintenance

This is a very common type of maintenance to prevent possible malfunctions and improve system performance, as well as to extend the useful life of various system components.

Preventive maintenance is useful in many aspects. For example, it reduces the number of downtime in the system or may reduce the number of repairs and may also identify weaknesses in the system that may affect its performance.

When it comes to preventative software maintenance, we include operations such as backing up, freeing up hard disk space, freeing up memory, or scanning and cleaning computers with antivirus.

When we talk about preventative maintenance of equipment, we usually refer to two different types of tasks, such as periodic cleaning of the equipment and its components, or "proactive preventive maintenance" that aims to ensure its durability, protecting systems from possible environmental aggression, for example, separating computers from areas that are directly affected by sunlight is known as "passive preventative maintenance."

Correctional service

This is a solution that should be applied when the forecasting and prevention systems were not working properly or when they were unable to avoid an accident.

There are times when your computer or system fails (such as a hardware failure), but we want it to work again and under optimal conditions. This will then be repaired or replaced, as the case may be.

One consideration that needs to be done about this type of maintenance is that not only will it be important to resolve the malfunction, but we also need to determine what caused it to find possible consequences that could affect other parts of the system and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Evolutionary maintenance

This type of maintenance is not designed to correct or prevent possible failures, but to develop available computing resources.

As you may already know, dear reader, the technology is constantly evolving, which means that the available tools and user needs are also constantly changing. Through evolutionary service, we want to ensure that computer systems are not outdated but remain updated to offer users the best technology options depending on the capabilities of each company and organization.

This type of maintenance will include everything from software upgrade tasks to complete replacement of hardware or systems, as needed.

And so far, we've looked at the main types of IT maintenance. As you can imagine, because of the complexity of this type of operations, this work is usually in the hands of professionals, such as system administrators or specialist companies that provide services to companies, professionals or individuals.

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