8 Reasons Why You Need Our Personnel Management System?

The main advantages of InterStaff are:

  1. Easy to use, documented, no need for user training
  2. Universatility
  3. Powerful order template generator
  4. Allows you to get a staffing structure for any date
  5. Allows you to generate orders that automatically change the staffing structure
  6. WEB technology support
  7. Flexible and powerful set of user rights
  8. Minimum requirements for workstation resources thanks to client-server technology

Functional Specifications

Short product description

The InterStaff personnel management system is designed to automate the work of the HR department

  • maintaining a staffing database
  • maintaining a staff database
  • maintaining reference databases
  • maintaining a database of orders
  • preparation and printing of orders
  • support for client-server technology in the Windows environment
  • providing distributed access to users to the system
  • support for simultaneous user work
  • providing an advanced information retrieval system
  • providing a flexible system for generating statistical and reporting documentation
  • providing the system with archiving, restoration and backup of the database
  • integration with phone, internet and email
  • integration with InterDoc electronic document management systems and InterOffice

The tree structure of the Object Database (staffing) allows you to enter a complete structure of the organization with reference data: addresses, telephones, passport data, education, work experience, family, military duty, qualifications and other employee data.

Establishment schedule is formed automatically on the basis of orders for appointment, dismissal, appointment in combination, temporary appointment to a position, creation of a staff unit (positions, units). The system allows you to view the staffing structure at any date.

The Order Template Generator allows you to create any order template to speed up the process of creating standard orders.

Built-in InterReport Report Editor - allows you to create and connect any report without recompiling the software. Possibility of "hot" archiving of data (while users work). Work safety and multilevel user access to information and system in general. Ability to create rights templates to quickly apply privileges to a new application user. The software is equipped with tools to play back data in the event of a system crash or a power failure of computers.

Technological scheme



The InterStaff system has been implemented and has been successfully operating since 2001 at PrJSC Vetropack Gostomel Glass Factory (over 1000 employees)