The target of the project:

The creation of the complex of software, which answers all state standards and standards in the education sphere and ensures cooperation of the works of all subdivisions of educational organization in the single information medium.

Software content

Software consists with the following modules:

  • Staff
  • High school seniors;
  • Students
  • Library
  • Educational Process
  • Documents

Software is built according to the principle of the distributed databases, all modules use common data. Software can be run both on the separate computer and in the local network of educational organization.

Software functionality

  • Educational organization database including all data of staff, High school seniors, students (fast search for information, data backup operation, reporting and printing reports)
  • Library database (search, stock handling, reporting)
  • High school seniors exam planning, automatic enrollment into the students using exam results)
  • Educational process planning
  • Document management for Educational Organizations (automatic orders preparation).

Technical Requirements

Operational systems: Windows 95/98/Millenium/XP or Windows NT4.0/2000.

Hardware: Computer not older then 486DX4/100 8MB RAM (10MB free space on HDD).

Demo Version

Institute v2.0 (6.6 MB)- Full working Demo.