Full development cycle

Our experts carried out the analysis and design of business processes, the selection and approval of development methodologies, creating application schemas, providing recommendations for the use of equipment, design and coordination of the prototype system, the development and implementation of information systems, customer training, support of the developed software product, as well as perform other operations necessary to realize the full development cycle. The company & laquo; Interactive Systems & raquo; implements custom exclusive projects, including develops systems with complex geographically distributed users and data structure, large amounts of data processing systems.


We are using modern technologies and software development tools:

  • Programming Languages: Delphi, Pascal, Object Pascal, C, C/C++ (MFC), C#, Java (Servlets, EJB, JSP), JavaScript, Perl, HTML, XML, PHP3, Visual Basic, VBScript, Visual Basic for Application, Assembler (x86, Motorola), Fortran, R, SQL
  • Development Tools: Borland Delphi/C++/Java Builder, MS Visual Studio (C#, C++, J++, VB), C/C++, MASM, TASM
  • DBMS: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Technologies: ADO, ODBC, OLE/COM, WebServices
  • Internet/Intranet: IIS, Java Technology, ActiveX, CGI, ASP, ASP.Net, JavaScript, jQuery, VBScript, HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, Perl
  • System Level Programming: Windows, MS-DOS, hardware drivers, real time software
  • Operational Systems: Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, Android, iOS, MS DOS

Business processes analysis and optimization

We are creating the most simple and effective systems. By studing the production cycle of our customers, we find unnecessarily complex processes, often due to lack of competent automation. The decision to implement an information system requires the customer's critical assessment of the existing production cycles. We help to objectively assess not only the daily activities of individual employees, but also workflow between departments, interaction with third-party organizations, planning efficiency, completeness and reliability of the information provided by departments and other aspects of the enterprise. Trying to get ahead of possible changes in the customer's business processes, our experts create a system with a certain resource setting flexibility. In addition, we carry out the development and integration of new software with existing non-stop operation of the customer.

The stability of the development team as a guarantee of success

Working with us, the customer will not watch the constant change of analysts and developers. Staring from the creation of technical specifications and ending to the introduction of an information system, a stable team of specialists is working on the project. Many years of successful experience shows that even the most detailed specification can not describe all the requirements with details needed to create a unique system. Only the work stabile analysts group at all stages of the project allows sutisfy not only existing but also potential customers needs.

Improvement of internal standards

By creating a new information systems, we use the experience gained in successfully completed projects. We support and actively improve internal standards for performance of work, taking into account both the formal requirements of the state standards and international standards, as well as generally accepted, but not formalized rules of software development and documentation.

We well known with common business problems and have high skilled specialists which can solve any tasks of our potential clients