We will quickly and efficiently execute telephoning of customer objects.

Installation and tuning of mini PBX

  • Build mini PBXs in the required configuration (installation of expansion units and additional options).
  • Installation of automatic telephone exchange in the mounting cabinet or on the wall.
  • Crossing of internal and city ATS ports on the cross, marking.
  • Starting and programming of automatic telephone exchange in accordance with the technical specification of the Customer.
  • Configuration of PBX service functions.
  • Connecting PBX to your computer and installing software (programmers, billing programs, etc.).

Laying of communication lines

  • Installation of cable trails, slopes and channels..
  • Installation of cable system (sealing, laying and marking)
  • Installing sockets, cross equipment, switching cable system, marking.
  • Laying communication lines to each workplace in accordance with the highest standards, rules and rules of installation.

Diagnostic work

  • Testing the communication system and compliance settings.
  • Testing external lines.
  • PBX and communication systems testing, troubleshooting.

Our engineers have many years of experience and a large number of already installed telephone systems and PBXs. This is a guarantee that the project created by our company will be the most optimal and quality.

Our specialists carry out work taking into account all wishes of the Customer:

  • Development of projects of any complexity, depending on the specific installation conditions of the network and the pledged price.
  • Free competent advice on choosing a PBX manufacturer and mini PBX.
  • Service and repair of automatic telephone exchange, other equipment.
  • Installation and setup of telephone and fax machines.
  • PBX reprogramming and reconfiguration.
  • Upgrading of obsolete PBXs of the Customer.
  • PBX support and service, guarantee.
  • Training of the Customer's staff with basic PBX skills.
  • Individual approach to each Customer and to each installation object.
  • Assisting the Customer in completing his requirements in the form of a technical assignment.
  • Flexible interaction with construction and third-party organizations during installation, laying and installation:
    • computer local area networks and cable systems in homes under construction and repair.
    • fulfillment of off-hours and weekends.
    • installation of automatic telephone exchanges and communication systems without disturbing the working mode of the Customer's office.