InterInfo - an special purpose automated information-analytical system is a set of methods and tools for preparation, storage, retrieval and presentation of information necessary to solve the problems of information security for customers and the preparation of the information required for management decision-making and ensuring technological production cycles.

System Composition

InterInfo in general consists of six subsystems:

  • Collection and preparation of information
  • Input and output information
  • Accounting, storage and retrieval of information
  • Information correction
  • Reproduction and distribution of information
  • InterInfo Performance Analysis

Functional characteristics

Main tasks of the system:

  • information input-output
  • organization of information exchange between users and the system
  • accounting, storage and retrieval of information
  • organization of information storage and servicing of requests received by the information correction subsystem
  • current adjustment of the information fund of the system and copies of reproduction documents issued to users and distribution of information
  • providing users with copies of the necessary documents and completing information funds of lower levels subsystems
  • analysis of the operation of InterInfo, collection of statistical data and operational management of the system

Depending on the areas of work, InterInfo can also solve the following tasks:

  • checking the availability of specific information on the subject of user work
  • information order entry
  • obtaining statistical and analytical information
  • search for typical solutions of your choice
  • maintaining thematic databases
  • preparation of new forms of documents
  • accounting of documents and control of their implementation
  • maintaining a database of enterprises, specialists, technologies and other reference arrays


The InterInfo system was implemented in the STC "Ort" and in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and has been working effectively since January 1, 2001