Developed unique software applications integration technology - Depthi

  • from now all our software products will be compatible and use shared data!
  • you can easy add new software applications into single information framework
  • integrated system can share data across companies

Depthi Technology

Depthi Technology is developed for fastening and unification of application development process and for easy application integration.

The principle of application integration using unified console and runtime plug-in packages with certain functionality is placed at the background of this technology. Depthi Console is designed for management of packages (applications) developed using special integration technology. Console is application for loading and executing special bpl packages developed using Depthi technology by Interactive Systems, Ltd.


Electronic Digital Signature of runtime packages is used to provide services that enable developers to add security, based on cryptography to applications. Validity of electronic digital signature of all software packages ensures that all packages and libraries developed by Interactive Systems, Ltd. company, are original and was not modified under process of supply and use of software.

Digital signature of runtime packages applied according to Ukrainian Law "About Electronic Digital Signature" and International standard GOST 34.310-95. "Cryptographic Data Security. Produce and check procedures of Electronic Digital Signature based on Asymmetric Cryptographic Algorithm". Hash function calculated according GOST 34.311-95 "Information Technology. Cryptographic Data Security. Hashing function" using data encryption according to GOST 28147-89 "Information Processing Systems. Cryptographic Protection. Cryptographic Algorithm.". During package loading application verifies that the data in the package has not been changed since it was signed. If digital signature is not valid system displays alert and can prohibit to use unsigned package or package with invalid signature.


After loading runtime packages console interface changes and new functionality placed in the background of each package is appeared.

The one of the main packages is System Core. System Core package contains all common application functions such as:

  • user autentification and connecting to database server
  • information about users and user rights
  • event logging and data changes logging
  • task manager
  • report designer
  • form and data modules designer
  • system configuration options
  • chat-service
  • interective assistant
  • inspector of interface elements properties
  • software version control
  • report designer and so on.

Integration of different software packages is performed on database level and using console and system core programming tools.

Available Depthi software packages: