The term «Business Intelligence» describes a methodology for making strategic business decisions in a company.

«Business Intelligence» (BI) is a set of tools and techniques that are used to analyze business information (facts). With BI, data can be turned into information and information into knowledge. The knowledge gained will allow us to develop a strategy to increase the efficiency of the company, improve customer needs assessment, conduct predictive analytics. Therefore, the presence of a high-quality business intelligence system at the enterprise gives competitive advantages.

Stages of building a business intelligence system

  1. Predesign study
    • Determining the needs of system users
    • Development of technical and functional requirements
    • Determining the goals of building a system
  2. Definition of data sources
    • Definition of types of data sources (Excel files, databases, websites, 1C, CRM, ERP, etc.)
    • Definition of indicators for data analysis
  3. Develop ETL processes for extracting, transforming, and loading data into a single DataWarehouse
    • Development of a single DataWarehouse database structure
    • Data extraction from various sources, data conversion, data cleaning (identification of duplicates and errors)
  4. Building an analytic data model (OLAP cubes)
    • Defining Fact Tables
    • Defining Measures
    • KPI Definition
    • Building multidimensional cubes for use in reports
  5. Data visualization
    • Reporting and visualization using pivot tables, charts, histograms, geographical maps
    • Publish reports to SharePoint, PowerBI
  6. Automate ETL processes, OLAP cubes processing, and send reports to users
  7. Training and support of business intelligence system