ISDBExplorer has SQL Explorer like interface, what is shipped with Borland Database Engine, but has Database Desktop functions.

Software makes possible to view database tables data and structure  like in SQL Explorer and to restructure tables like in Database Desktop. One of the most important features is possibility to compare 2 standard aliases and possibility to make their the same (bring them to identical structure).

The structure of etalon database may be saved in separate file that makes possible to compare 2 aliases on different PC with out copying database.

ISDBExplorer also has built-in functions what makes easy to work with database tables: (clearing, packing, copying, renaming tables) and aliases (backing-up, database structure recording in to separate file, data transferring), also you can view and execute SQL та QBE queries, which saved in alias folder, make search database tree for certain name (field, index, table, SQL-file...), you can review database structure saved  to file in tree.

For table restructure operations added some additional options (which is not possible with Database Desktop):

  • Table level
  • Block size
  • Fill factor

ISDBExplorer is freeware product

Free download ISDBExplorer